** NEW FOR 2019 *** Sonny's 1x4 Hemispherical Headed Upper End Kit

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For 2019, Sonny's has a new upper end kit for those who want the ultimate in performance, this hemispherical headed single 4 bbl kit allows the do it yourself person to build a high horsepower combination without having to do all the configuration. This kit includes Sonny's New Billet Aluminum 1x4 Manifold that can be set up for carburetion or electronic fuel injection,  Sonny's fully CNC'd Hemispherical cylinder heads complete race ready, which include titanium valves, PSI springs, Manley retainers and locks,  Wiseco gas ported custom pistons, Trend wrist pins, Trends 1 piece pushrods, Total Seal Rings, T&D Rocker System, Head Studs, Sonny's billet rail valve covers and intake and valve cover gaskets,  $ 26,350.00

**** Crankshafts and Blocks also available, call for pricing

Price: $26,350.00
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Standard Components

  • Sonny's Billet Aluminum single 4 bbl manifold, available in various deck heights
  • Sonny's 5.00" bore space Hemispherical Cylinder Heads, complete race ready, fully CNC'd
  • PSI Springs, Manley Titanium Valves, Pac retainers, Manley locks, and lash caps,
  • BME Custom Pistons
  • Trends 1.031 Wrist Pins
  • Sonny's/ T&D Rocker System in various ratios
  • Total Seal Rings
  • Sonny's/ Head Stud Kit
  • Sonny's Billet Rail Valve Covers
  • Trends 1 Piece Pushrods
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