Sonny's 11 Degree 5.000" Bore Space Symmetrical Head, Complete Race Ready, with all components

Race Ready Heads with Titanium Valves
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5" SYMMETRICAL 7 x 11 "PRO-SERIES" FOR DRAG RACING, TRUCK PULLING, MARINE USE. At Sonny's all head porting is done in-house. We use a state of the art 5 axis CNC vertical machining center, which can produce precision work to programmed "blue print" specs. This unique cylinder head was designed by Sonny's for 600 + cu. in. engines. The intake runners are symmetrical and feature all good runners (runners that direct towards the middle of the cylinder). We offer the heads with Bronze seats and Ampco 45 replaceable drive-in step guides. These cylinder heads is to accommodate 5.000" bore center applications, like IHRA Pro-Stock and Pro-Mod, Pro-Street cars, Tractor and Truck pullers, and Unlimited Marine/Boat engines. Blocks and cranks can be purchased from Sonny's to match-up with this ultimate performance cylinder head

Price: 9875.00 pr.
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  • These Heads flow over 590 CFM on the intake, and 400 CFM on the Exhaust @ .900 Lift, These heads feature an eleven degree valve angle, and produce the most horsepower in our 5.000" symmetrical port wedge head design, for naturally aspirated engines. They utilize a 2.620 Intake Valve, and a 1.900 Exhaust Valve. Call and Order Yours Today !!
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