4.840 B.S. Race Ready Fully Assembled Heads
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IN-HOUSE FULLY CNC PORTED, BLENDED & FLOW TESTED. At Sonny's all head porting is done in-house. We use a state of the art 5 axis CNC vertical machining center. This unique cylinder head was designed by Sonny's for 500+ engines. These cylinder heads are available in 4.840 and 4.900 bore spacing. We offer the heads with ductile seats and replaceable bronze drive-in step guides. These Pontiac castings have incorporated the heart shape combustion chambers and spread port design intake runners. We have designed a one-piece rocker bar for stability and endurance. SAR can also supply you with custom sheetmetal billet rail valve covers and cast or sheetmetal intakes.

Price: 8,375.00 pair
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  • 14.5 degree Pontiac w/4.840" B.S.
  • 4.600" bore chamber 77 cc
  • Intake valve 2.500"
  • Exhaust valve 1.880"
  • Int. flow 560 cfm @ 1.00" w/28" H20
  • Exh. flow 378 cfm @ 1.00" w/28" H20
  • Int. runner vol. (high oval port) 548 cc
  • Exh. runner vol. 204 cc


  • Manley Titanium valves
  • Manley titanium retainers
  • Bead locks
  • PSI springs


Blown Alcohol Applications (Solid Version 4.840 B.S.) $8,710.00
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