Sonny's 727 Hemishperical Headed Marine Engine 1200 HP

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Makes over 1200 HP Naturally Aspirated


This 727 cu. in  EFI Sonny's powerplant, is  for performance and reliability, and is the ultimate in hi performance for boating applications. This bad boy makes over 1200  HP on 91 octane unl. fuel naturally aspirated . Call Sonny's for more info. We offer a complete line of engines and components for all your boating needs.

Complete and Dyno Tested
Price: $77,800.00
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  • Sonny's fully in-house CNC ported hemispherical cylinder heads
  • Sonny's/Brodix 5.000 B.S. block with 1.000" raised cam with special hi-flow water jackets
  • Bryant billet crank
  • Carrillo Steel Billet rods
  • Diamond endurance pistons
  • Jesel Keyed 1.062 special roller lifters
  • Tool steel taper-wall pins
  • Total Seal rings
  • Manley titanium intake valves, Manley Inconel exhaust
  • PSI valve springs
  • SAR/T&D rocker system
  • Trend pushrods 1/2"
  • Jesel cam belt drive
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • Dailey 5 stage dry sump oiling system
  • Dailey Billet oil pan
  • ATI balancer
  • MSD cranktrigger ignition
  • SAR Special 1x4 billet aluminum intake manifold
  • SAR/Big Stuff EFI with engine and boat harness
  • SAR Billet valve covers
  • MSD hi-torque starter
  • Fuel lines with EFI regulator
  • Sonny's/Special 60 mm camshaft
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