Sonny's New 5.3 Billet Wedge Pro Mod Head with Water

The Ultimate Pro Mod Billet cylinder head with Water !!
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Sonny's New 5.3 Billet Pro Mod Wedge Cylinder Head with Water is state of the art, built in house at Sonny's, featuring 6061 T6 aluminum, fully machined and ready to bolt on! Comes complete with trick titanium valves, PSI Springs, race ready,  and is a direct bolt on replacement for Sonny's 5.3 Cast Aluminum pro mod cylinder heads

Price: 21,400.00 per pair
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  • 122 cc combustion chamber
  • Intake valve: 2.725"
  • Exhaust valve: 2.025"
  • Intake flow: 700+ cfm @ 1.200" with 28" H20
  • Exhaust flow: 460+ cfm @ 1.100"
  • Intake runner volume: up to 737 cc
  • Exhaust runner volume: up to 290 cc
  • Intake valve angles: 5 degree cant x 16 degree incline (rollover)


  • We have designed a 5.300 bore spacing engine with a Billet wedge configuration cylinder head with water. We are basing the design off of our 5.300 bore spacing heads which have been very successful.
  • • Our new 5.300 bore spacing Billet wedge head with Water accommodates engines up to 980+ cubic inch applications
  • • Our 5.300 bore spacing GM Billet wedge head with water comes with our ultra lite CNC lightening program.
  • • This head accommodates a 2.725" intake valve and 2.025" exhaust valve and has the ultimate water flow in billet head applications
  • . Features high temp O-rings for exhaust to eliminate exhaust gaskets
  • . Features O-Ring Valve cover surface to eliminate valve cover gaskets
  • . features O-Ring Intake flange area for better sealing
  • . New design Exhaust port configuration for improved performance
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