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THE ULTIMATE INDUCTION AND CONVERSION KIT!!!!! THIS KIT GIVES YOU UP TO 125+ HP OVER 26 DEGREE CHEVY HEADED ENGINE (615 CU. IN.) This conversion kit includes: #PB2005 14.5 degree "as cast" ported head. The ultimate sportsman induction package for 500-630 cu. in. 1x4 engine. 490 cc intake runner that flows 500 cfm out-of-the-box, with 45 degree seats. Sonny's has spent many hours of R&D to produce port size and configuration that yields the most power with broad torque curve. These heads come flow tested, Pro Marine valve angles, endurance springs, stainless valves (optional titanium valves) and 10 degree locks.

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Standard Components

  • Sonny's/Brodix race ready heads
  • Manley springs
  • Manley stainless valves
  • Brodix 1x4 intake (9.800" and 10.200" D.H.)
  • Sonny's/T&D rocker system w/ 1 pc bar and needle bearing roller tips
  • Venolia lightweight pistons
  • Sonny's tool steel wrist pins
  • Speed Pro rings
  • ARP head stud kit (steel blocks)
  • 16 custom pushrods
  • Sonny's aluminum sheet metal valve covers
  • Intake and valve cover gaskets
  • Special seats if using unleaded fuel
  • Two adjustable pushrods for you to make correct pushrod lengths


For more flow, We have an option of CNC intake port matching, blend bowls to seats and blend chambers to seats. Intake runners will flow 537 cfm @ .900 lift or for supercharged applications 515 CFM @ .800. $685.00
Engines over 6500 rpm we recommend to upgrade to titanium intake valves. Inconel exhaust for unleaded fuel. $1,195.00
For supercharged applications we offer a special manifold port matched to heads. Call for pricing
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