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Altalab II Weather Station


AltaCom II Weather Station

In every form of motorsports, where engine performance is critical, weather becomes an important factor. Knowing the amount of oxygen that is available for making horsepower, or knowing how much a change in the weather will affect a cars ability to run on a dial-in, has become an integral part of tuning a car. In order to make proper decisions related to the weather you need a quality weather station. As a service to our customers Racepak is pleased to be able to offer one of the best, the AltaCom II weather station by AltaLab Instruments. This weather station is used by professional and sportsman racers in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, SCCA, Formula I, and offshore boat racing

The AltaCom II is designed for superior infield operation. From sensor specification and board design to the remote sensing, paging functions, and software, the AltaCom II is manufactured to provide you with stable, accurate data. Of particular importance to those who use a Racepak data recorder is the ability of the AltaCom II to import it?s weather data right into the Racepak run files.

The trailer based AltaCom II monitors the four prime weather parameters using a mast mounted, fan aspirated remote sensor station. From the four prime parameters it then calculates seven other weather values. Each value is updated every 20 seconds. The pager allows you to stay current with changing conditions even when you are away from the console?s LCD display.

AltaCom II Kit Monitors:

  • Temperature
  • Absolute Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Ambient Light

AltaCom II Kit Calculates:

  • Density Altitude
  • Adjusted Altitude
  • Grains of Water
  • Absolute Humidity
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Dew Point
  • Air Density Ratio
AltaCom II Weather Station Kit

Add second pager to your weather stations
Anemometer Kit
Add wind speed & direction to monitored parameters

Part #: rac-alta

Price: $1,599.00

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