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Jason Brammer
2015 NTPA Grand National Champion 4 years in a Row !!!!
2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015
NTPA Grand National Winning Engines
SAR-649 Truck Pull Engine 1600 HP
Travis Harvey sets new Pro Nitrous Record!
Current PDRA Pro Nitrous World Record Holder!
3.703 with Sonny's 959 EFI Pro Mod Engine
<ul><li>Winner IHRA Pro Mod, Grand Bend, 6/26/16</li><li>Winner IHRA Pro Mod, San Antonio, Tx  4/2/16</li><li>IHRA Pro Mod E.T. National Record Holder , San Antonio TX 4/2/16</li></ul><ul><li>Runner-Up IHRA Pro Stock, Grand Bend 6/26/16</li><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Pro Stock, Orlando, Fl 3/5/16</li><li>Winner IHRA Pro Stock, 10/11/15, Memphis</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Pro Stock, Grand Bend 6/26/16</li><li>Winner IHRA Pro Stock, Budds Creek, MD 6/18/16</li><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Pro Stock  Budds Creek MD, 6/18/16</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NHRA Pro Mod, Bristol, TN 6/19/16</li><li>Winner ADRL Pro Mod, Qatar 1/28/16</li><li>Winner PDRA Pro Nitrous, Shreveport LA  5/2/15</li></ul><ul><li>Winner Pro Pulling League, Tampico, IN</li><li>2015 PPL Truck Pulling Champion </li></ul><ul><li>WInner 2016 NTPA Grand National, Benson ,NC 5/28/16</li><li>2nd place 2015 Grand National, Benson, NC 5/30/15</li><li>2nd place 2014 Grand National Championship 6200lb 4WD class</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NHRA Fast 4 Champion, Bowling Green KY 5/27/16</li><li>NHRA Top Sportsman 9th in the world for 2015 !!</li><li> NHRA Division 5, 2nd place Top Sportsman for 2015 !!</li></ul><ul><li>Winner PDRA Pro Nitrous, Rockingham, NC 4/10/16</li><li>Runner-Up PDRA Pro Nitrous, Tulsa, Ok 4/8/16</li><li>#1 Qualifier U.S. Street Nationals, Bradenton, FL (3.71) 1/30/16 </li></ul><ul><li>Runner- Up, Top Sportsman Div. 4 race 4/10/16</li><li>Las Vegas T/S Winner</li></ul><ul><li>Winner Pro Mod Class, Orlando Street Car Nationals, Orlando, Fl</li><li>Winner NHRA Pro Mod, 6/7/15, Englishtown, NJ</li><li>Runner-Up NHRA Pro Mod 4/26/15 Houston, Tx</li></ul><ul><li>2015 NTPA Grand National Champion 4 years in a Row !!!!</li><li>2015 NTPA Grand National Winner, Benson, NC 5/31/15</li><li>2014 NTPA Grand National Champion</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Pro Stock, Memphis 10/10/15</li><li>Winner IHRA Pro Stock, Cordova, IL 5/31/15</li><li>Runner-Up IHRA Pro Stock, Cordova, IL  7/19/14</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier T/D at PDRA Rockingham 9/12/15 3.92 !!</li><li>Runs 3.99 with his 762 (1 4bbl) 1 mild NOS kit , T/D St.Louis 5/30/15</li></ul><ul><li>2nd place IHRA Pro Mod Championship 2015</li><li>Winner IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock 4-25-15</li><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock 4-24-15</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NHRA National Event, Englishtown, NJ 6/7/15</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NTPA Grand Nationals, 5/30/15, Benson, NC 5/30/15</li><li>Winner NTPA Super Nationals 6200lb 4WD class 6/22/14</li></ul><ul><li> Cottonwood Al Southern Pullers Pro pulling league winner,6/13/15 </li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualiifer NHRA Div. 6, Mission BC 6/6/15 6.69</li><li>Winner NWHU Outlaw Pro Mod, Kent Wa 5/31/15</li><li>#1 Qualifier NWHU, 5/31/15</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier T/S NHRA Div. 7 Race, Fontana, Ca 5/30/15</li><li>#1 Qualifier T/S  NHRA DIv.7 Race Fontana, Ca 5-23-15</li><li>Winner Las Vegas PSCA 10.5 Outlaw 2/2/14</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NTPA 4WD 6200lb. class @ Super Nationals 6/22/14</li><li>2012 Winner 4WD NTPA 6200lb class   6/23/12</li></ul><ul><li>Runner Up X-DRL Pro Nitrous 7/28/13</li><li># 1 Qualifier Pro Nitrous  X-DRL Budds Creek   3.84 @ 197 MPH 7/27/13</li></ul><ul><li>2014 NHRA Div. 6 Top Sportsman CHAMPION !!</li><li>Winner T/S NHRA Div. 6 Acton, MT. 8/9/14</li><li>Semi Final Finish T/S  NHRA Div. 6 Seattle, Wa 8/17/14</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NTPA 4WD 6200# Class  Millers Town VA     9/27/14</li><li>4th Place NTPA Grand National 4WD Bowling Green, OH 8/17/13</li><li>Winner NTPA 4W 6200# class Danville, Va 7/13/12</li></ul><ul><li>2014  DOORWARZ II Outlaw 10.5 Event Winner Mission BC</li><li>2012 WCSA Outlaw 10.5 Champion</li><li>2012 Top qualifier & Winner Unlimited Street Shootout, Firebird , Id</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier PDRA Pro Stock, Rockingham, NC 9/6/14</li><li>Winner IHRA Pro Stock, Cordova, IL  7/19/14</li><li>#1 Qualifier X-DRL XPS St. Louis 6/15/13</li></ul><ul><li>Region 5 Champion 2014 NTPA 6200lb 4WD class</li><li>Winnner NTPA Region 5, Sibley IA, 6200lb 4WD class, 7/19/14</li><li>Winner NTPA North Iowa Nationals 6200lb 4WD class , Rockwell, 7/5/14</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NTPA 4WD 6200lb class Greenville OH  8/20/14</li><li>Winner NTPA Grand National 4WD 6200lb Class, Bowling Green, OH 8/15/1</li><li>Runner-Up NTPA 4WD 6200lb. class @  Super Nationals, 6/22/14</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NHRA National Event in Top Sportsman, Norwalk oh, 7/6/14</li></ul><ul><li>3rd Place NTPA Grand National 4WD, Nashville, TN, 7/19/14</li><li>Runner-up NTPA Grand National 4wd, Bowling Green,OH 8/16/13</li><li>Runner-up NTPA Grand National 4wd  7/14/13</li></ul><ul><li>Winner NTPA North Iowa Nationals 6200lb 4WD class , Rockwell, 7/4/14</li><li>2013 NTPA RN winner- Waverly, IA</li><li>2013 NTPA RN winner- Spencer, IA</li></ul><ul><li>Runner Up IHRA Nitro Jam Mountain Motor Pro Stock 6/14/14</li><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Nitro Jam Mountain Motor Pro Stock 6/13/14</li><li>#1 Qualifier IHRA Nitro Jam Mountain Motor Pro Stock 4/12/14</li></ul><ul><li>Winner Baxley Ga 4WD class 4/12/14</li><li>Runner Up NTPA 6200lb 4WD Douglas, Ga 8/30/13</li></ul><ul><li>2013 Pro Mod  Big Dog Champion</li><li>#1 Qualifier Big Dog  Race, Piedmont Dragway 6/20/13  </li><li>Runner-Up 2013 Big Dog Race, Piedmont Dragway  6/20/13</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier T/S Phoenix Div 7 Race 3/1/14</li><li>#1 Qualifier T/S  Jegs Sports Nationals 10/12/13</li><li>A/AA Record Run Comp Eliminator, Las Vegas 6.60 e.t.</li></ul><ul><li>2013 Top Eliminator Champion</li></ul><ul><li>WInner EOPM race Virginia 9/14/13</li><li>#1 Qualifier EOPM Virginia 9/14/13</li><li>World's Quickest and Fastest Nitrous powered Ford  3.81 @197 MPH </li></ul><ul><li>Runner-Up ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Rockingham NC 9/8/13</li><li>Winner ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Memphis 8/4/13</li></ul><ul><li>#1 Qualifier X-DRL T/D Budds Creek 4.06 @ 174 Naturally Aspirated   </li></ul><ul><li>Winner  East Coast , PA 6200 lb 4WD class</li><li>Winner East Coast 6200lb National 4WD</li></ul><ul><li>Winner Enderle truck pull 7/26/13</li><li>Winner NTPA Grand National,    9/1/12</li><li>Runner Up NTPA Grand National, Bowling Green 8/18/12</li></ul><ul><li>Winner T/S @  Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour 4/8/13</li><li>Winner T/S @ Summit Pro Am  Baton Rouge, La</li><li>#1 Qualifier T/S @  Summit Pro Am  3/9/13      6.620 @ 207.94 MPH</li></ul><ul><li>2012 NTPA Region 4 Champion</li><li>2012 Lucas Oil East Coast Champion</li></ul><ul><li>2012 2nd place Overall NTPA Region 4</li><li>2012 3rd place overall Lucus Oil East Coast Series</li></ul><ul><li>NHRA Record Holder A/AP 6.59 @ 210.82 MPH</li></ul><ul><li>Winner, Rocky Mountain Nitro Jam Nationals</li></ul>
47 Years of Record and Success

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sonny's Racing Engines and Components has been involved in 47 years of racing with event wins, national records and season championships in nearly every form of drag racing. If you want power, Sonny's Racing Engines and Components can deliver just what you need, whether it's naturally aspirated, nitrous, blown or turbocharged. Read More…