Sonny's Billet Valve Covers


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Sonny's Billet Valve Covers
Sonny's Billet Valve CoversSonny's Billet Valve Covers
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Sonny's Racing Engine's has come up with a new "Lightweight Billet Aluminum" Valve Cover for all Sonny's 5 inch Bore Space Hemispherical Headed Cylinder Heads.  These Engraved Billet Valve Covers are built for performance, and looks. These  stylish covers won't crack like the old style sheet metal covers, and they have great sealing surface area, for an increase in engine vacuum. These are a must for all out performance ! Call Sonny's to place your order today. Call 434-239-1009 
Also available for   5.3 Billet Hemi,  V/Covers, only $ 1495.00  Also available in black powder coated version ( 125.00 additional)

Part #: sar-custombilletcovers

Price: $1,495.00