Sonny's 8500 series throttle body

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Sonny's 8500 series throttle body
Sonny's 8500 series throttle body

If you would like to switch from a carburetor intake to electronic fuel injection (EFI), Accufab has developed the 8500 high flow throttle body to meet your needs.

Better Air Flow for More Power. The Accufab 8500 series 4-barrel throttle body uses the same 2.75-inch bores as the dual-bore ?split Dominator style? units and flows 3,600+ CFM at 28-inches. There are no 4-barrel carburetors that can come close to matching that flow rating. If that?s not enough, racers can mount two of them together for double the volume.

With drag strip testing results in hand, Accufab decided to put that thinking into a replacement for the 4-barrel throttle body. In many race classes, racers are limited to a single 4-barrel carburetor or a single throttle body. Accufab used a clean sheet of paper for this one and came to the conclusion that the standard intake manifold opening for the largest carbs available (the 4500 series) was just not adequate.

Accufab?s goal was to design a better 4-barrel throttle body without trying to make it fit on the existing 22-square inch 4500 series intake manifold inlet opening, an inlet opening that was originally developed in 1969.

Our concept was to develop a new 4-barrel throttle body with a 33-square inch area. This size provides a 50% increase! Racers, or intake manifold manufacturers, will come up with better intakes to match the increase in air flow. Also, racers are creative and will figure out how to modify their existing 4500 series intakes to accept the 8500 throttle body with its slightly larger bolt pattern. A sheet metal plenum style intake manifold can be used as well.

Racers may use Accufab?s adapter to bolt the 8500 throttle body to any 4500 Dominator style intake manifold.

Exceptional Quality. The Accufab 8500 throttle body is made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and polished to an eye-catching finish. Accufab's quality is second to none! Only the best components are used for unparalleled reliability and performance. Center-dump type throttle linkage is included. Each throttle body weighs 3.5-pounds, compared to up to 13-pounds for a big 4500 series carburetor. Manufactured in the USA.

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Part #: 8500

Price: $989.00