Racepak Complete 02 System (8)


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Racepak Complete 02 System (8)

Racepak has an excellent selection of A/F controllers and sensors created specifically for tuning race engines. Each of these 4 channel controllers are designed to be connected to the V-Net cable of Racepak V-series recorders. When ordering please be aware that the sensors are calibrated for use on specific ports of the controller and cannot be interchanged from port to port without recalibration. All sensors have a 13in pigtail cable, and the controller has a 37in cable for attachment to the sensor. These lengths cannot be altered. Controllers are ordered by cylinder bank layout.

Racepak A/F sensors are compatible with either gasoline or methanol fueled engines. Gasoline application will display A/F ratios between 10:1 and 15:1, while methanol is shown from 3:1 to 8:1. Please specify the type of fuel you will be using when ordering. Each sensor includes one weldment and plug.

Air/Fuel sensors can be used with V300 or V500 recorders using Racepak Datalink II software.

Part #: RAC-02-8

Price: $2,800.00