Fully Race Prepared CNC Ported Castings
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At SAR all head porting is done in house. We use a state of the art 5 axis CNC vertical machining center, which can produce precision work to programmed "blue print" specs.

The BB-5 heads are the largest intake port BBC head castings, with raised port aluminum cylinder heads recommended for 565 cu. in. and larger engines, with capabilities of sustaining 600 + cu. in. Other features include replaceable step bronze guides, 2.350" x 1.900". Custom Sonny's heart shape chamber design is also incorporated in this cylinder head.
Price: $4,075.00
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  • Chamber volume 113.5 cc
  • Intake runner vol.: 406 cc
  • Exhaust runner vol.: 149 cc
  • Peak in. flow: 439 cfm @ .900" lift
  • Peak ex. flow: 311 cfm @ .800" lift with 28" H20
  • Actual intake sq. inches 1.800 x 2.520= 4.536


  • CNC machined castings
  • Manley "Severe Duty" stainless steel valves
  • Install/fit bronze guides
  • Machine for larger valves
  • Manley titanium 10 degree retainers
  • Precision, multi-angle valve job and equalize seat depth
  • Manley 10 deg hardened locks
  • Manley hardened spring cups
  • Full competition port, polish and flow test
  • Manley Vasco-jet springs
  • Manley 8740 rocker studs
  • Hand contoured by one of our cylinder head experts
  • Comp guide plates
  • Teflon valve seals
  • Machine for Vasco-Jet springs and teflon seals
  • 11/32" bronze guides
  • Mill for compression
  • Pressure check
  • Correct spring height and assemble


Race ready fully assembled heads $4,920.00
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