Sonny's 803 cu. in 5.3 Bore Space Wedge 1x4 Nitrous Engine

Sonny's has developed a new 5.3 Bore space Wedge Combination with a single 4 barrel carb that makes over 1500 HP! Naturally Aspirated, and with one system makes 1950 HP. This engine is a must for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster Racers. This engine is ultra lightweight and is designed for performance. Features  2013 Pro Modified Cylinder Heads (same heads used as 2013 NHRA Pro Mod Champion Rickie Smith)

Over 1950 HP with Single Carb and 1 Nos system
PRICE $63,900.00
Sonny's 803 cu. in 5.3 Bore Space Wedge 1x4 Nitrous Engine - Sonny's Racing Engines & Components
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New For 2014 !!!!
  • •Sonny's fully in-house CNC ported Pro Stock 5.3 bore space symmetrical heads
  • •SAR/CN Billet block with raised cam
  • •Bryant billet crank
  • •GRP aluminum billet rods
  • •Sonny's designed pistons
  • •1.031 tool steel wrist pins
  • •Total Seal Rings
  • •Manley titanium valves & PSI springs
  • •SAR/T&D shaft mounted rocker system w/ one-piece rocker bar for endurance and needle bearing roller tips
  • •Jesel 1 - 1/16" keyed lifters
  • •Jesel Belt drive
  • •Moroso 4-stage dry sump oiling
  • •Moroso vacuum system
  • *70mm SAR/ LSM camshaft
  • •ATI balancer
  • •MSD cranktrigger
  • •SAR/ Special Custom cast aluminum 4 barrel manifold
  • •SAR/BLP 2100 CFM carb with 2.750 throttle bores
  • •Sheetmetal billet rail valve covers
  • •MSD pro series starter
  • •Fuel lines with magnaflow regulator
Dailey lightweight oiling system $1,200.00
EFI option $3,900.00
Second system added (300 HP) $1,800.00
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